Vetus Tweezers- We are your best choice for high quality Swiss Type Precision Stainless Steel, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Safe, Wafer and Component, High Precision, Carbon Fiber, and Exchange Tip Tweezers.... Swiss quality without the "Swiss Price"..!

Vetus Tweezers is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of precision high quality tweezers and forceps. Vetus manufacturers tweezers for all types of electronics assembly, machine assembly, service, manual plucking, handling biomolecules, micro assembly and manufacturing, industrial supply, and clock, watch works repair and assembly . Vetus simply offers the best value for the money.... Vetus Tweezers is Swiss "Type Style & Quality" without the Swiss price. We use the finest metallurgical materials and most stringent manufacturing standards to offer the best tweezer value. Stainless steel construction keeps tools corrosion free and easy to clean. All of our tweezers are anti-magnetic, acid resistant, and temperature resistant. We supply the most advanced styles and designs for the highest quality and performance all at the most competitive prices.

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ST Series- Swiss Style Precision Tweezers
Swiss Style Precision Tweezers
• Anti Magnetic • Anti Acid • Non Corrosive
• Stainless Steel
Hardness 40HRC

SA Series- High Precision Swiss Style Tweezers
Swiss Style "High"Precision Tweezers
• Anti Magnetic • Anti Acid • Non Corrosive-Non Glare
• SA Stainless Steel
Hardness 43HRC

ESD- Electrostatic Discharge Safe Exchange Tip Tweezers
• Anti Magnetic Electrostatic Discharge Safe Precision Tweezers
• Anti Acid and Temperature Resistance to
338°F (-40-170°C )
• Non Corrosive-Non Glare
• Stainless Steel • Synthetic Fiber Exchange tips

ESD-ElectroStatic Discharge Safe Tweezers
• Anti Magnetic Electrostatic Discharge Safe Precision Tweezers
• Anti Acid• Non Corrosive-Non Glare
• Non Corrosive-Non Glare
• Stainless Steel
Hardness 40HRC

Synthetic Carbon Fiber Tweezers
Swiss Style Precision Carbon Fiber Tweezers
Smooth Resin Surface yet high mechanical strength and durability
• Anti Magnetic High purity clean room compatible
• Anti Acid
Resistant to most acids, solvents, halones, ideal for use with fiber optic use, as well as lenses and other sensitive non maring surfaces.
Non Corrosive Heat Stabilized for temps to 311°F (-40-155°C )
• Snynthetic Carbon Fiber reinforced (PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

Wafter and Component Tweezers
Swiss Style Precision Silicon Wafer, component, cover glass Tweezers
• Anti Magnetic • Anti Acid
• Non Corrosive SA Stainless Steel
Hardness 35-65HRC

Magnifying Tweezers
• Stainless Steel• With high power Magnifying lenses

Bamboo Tweezers
• Bamboo construction • Non-Marring for handling optics and delicate parts

Ceramic Tweezers
• Ceramic tipped construction • Heat and electrically insulating tweezers.

Surigical Tweezers
• Stainless Steel construction • Durable autoclavable construction.

Vetus Tweezers
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You can reach us by telephone: (954) 973-2800
Or contact us toll-free at: 1-800-779-2801
You can contact us via fax: (954) 973-3951
Office hours are Monday-Friday EST 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Purchase Terms-We strive for customer satisfaction with their purchase. Any unused Tweezers, can be returned for exchange or credit (minus shipping) refund within 15 days of receiving. Purchaser is responsible for returning the items for refund or credit. Used tweezers are not returnable.

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