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Vetus Tweezers is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of precision high quality tweezers and forceps. Vetus Tweezers have earned a reputation for superior precision, design, durability, high quality & value. Vetus tweezers are available in most widely used by tweezer Pattern types & styles widely used in industry, precision manufacturing, medical, research and consumer/beauty use. Vetus manufacturers the pattern types most effectively used in electronics assembly, machine assembly, aircraft production, precision assembly, eye lash extensions, manual plucking, handling biomolecules, electronic & micro assembly and manufacturing, industrial supply, and clock, watch works repair and assembly. The Vetus tweezer value is well known, Genuine Vetus Tweezers are Swiss "Type Style & Quality" without the Swiss price. Genuine Vetus Tweezers are made with the finest metallurgical materials with rockwell hardness ratings up to 43HRC. Our ST Steel, SA Steel, ESD, Synthetic Fiber Tweezers are produced using stringent manufacturing standards and tolerences, and hand finished precision points. Series 300 Stainless Steel construction gives the tweezers long performance life, high corrosion resistance and makes the Vetus Tweezers very easy to use & clean. Most tweezer models are anti-magnetic, acid resistant, and temperature resistant. Buy Genuine Vetus Tweezers Here! Volume pricing on most patterns over 10+ pieces. Most orders ship within 24 business hours.!